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These tours are generally of between 5 to 9 days in duration, and are usually built around a visit to a special event. They are designed for those who want a quick change of scene or to experience something new. They are also an ideal introduction to escorted motorhome touring, especially for those who may like support when travelling in Europe for the first time.


A group of shorter tours that still include the range of trips, events and meals you would expect from GB Privilege. They are a particularly good choice for those whose holiday time is restricted or who wish to limit driving time and mileage.


These three to four week tours are carefully planned to allow participants plenty of time to get a feel for the history, geography and culture of the countries they visit.

They include a wide variety of excursions, some memorable ‘wine and dine’ experiences, and often feature a special interest strand. They also include time for independent exploration.

These tours all feature a number of exceptional highlights, and will appeal to the more experienced or adventurous motorhomer. If you ever wanted to take a sunset camel ride over the dunes, marvel at the 2000-year-old monumental statues on Mount Nemrut or explore the Danube’s Black Sea delta by boat then these tours are for you.


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A chance to really discover in depth the country being visited. This year our tour focuses on Italy’s history and heritage and will include visits to the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, St Peter’s in Rome, the Renaissance city of Florence and the charmingly colourful island of Capri. There will be plenty of free time in which to pursue your own particular passions and the many featured meals will demonstrate why Italy is so renowned for its cuisine, not to mention its magnificent wines.


Once in a lifetime trips to far flung corners of the earth. For those of you who wish to venture even further afield GB Privilege works with partners specialising in Escorted Motorhome tours in Australia, New Zealand the USA and Canada.

These tours usually include the hire of a motorhome for the duration of the tour, as well as the services of experienced Tour Directors. They do not, however, include flights.

6 Reasons to Travel with GB Privilege

Great Value for Money

Our tours are great value for money because so much is included in the price

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Huge Choice of Destinations

We know many of the best places and this year our itineraries offer a huge choice

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Variety of Trips, Events & Guided Tours

Designed to ensure that you see as many of the principal sights as possible

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Mouth Watering Food and Drink

We firmly believe that to get a realtaste of a country you must get a taste of its cuisine

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Experienced Tour Directors

Escorted motorhome tours are the perfect way to experience the freedom

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Full Travel Protection

Certificated tour operator that offers financial security and full protection for your money.

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